Triple Series

Each volume in the Ravenna Press Triple Series combines three chapbooks into one full-sized collection.

The Ravenna Triple Series comprises, in full-sized books, chapbooks by accomplished contemporary writers of poetry and short prose. Not a magazine or journal, each Triple offers a generous representation of your favorite writer plus the chance to discover the work of others whom you may not yet have encountered.

Available for $12.95 each.

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Triple No. 22

The Ancestor Plant & Other Short Fictions

Kings & Others

Emptiness, Standing Still

Triple No. 21

Halfbreed Helene Navigates the Whole: Poems

Three Shorts & A Story

Inheritance Chain

Triple No. 20

Glints from the Razor of Dreyfus Lent

Love and Wrestling (or, Staying Home)

Selections from "Liminalucida"

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Triple No. 19

Exit Seraphim

We Were Talking About When We Had Bodies


Triple No. 18

Old Woman and Eel, and Other Prose Pieces

Color Wheel for the Blind

a minor history / of secret knowledge

Triple No. 17

American Grubble

Home Movies (from the Afterlife)

Crossings: Past to Present to Future and Between


Triple No. 16


quiet prior

wear away


Triple No. 15

I See My Way to Some Partial Results

The Book as Knife

from Rady, or Squirrelhunter

Triple No. 14

Currently unavailable

Magpies and Crows

Because of This Light

Systematica & Uncle Veikko

Triple No. 13

Mill Girls

To Hell and Back


My SARS CoV-2, Thus Far


Triple No. 12

An Object at Rest

What Gorillas Do at Night

The Days of Wine & Roses; or An Orphan's Tale

Triple No. 11

road to the multiverse

Bountiful Sound

Birds, Dogs, Catspaw