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Reading Joanna Penn Cooper’s new collection of poems, Crown, is a lot like sticking your head out the window of a fast moving car: it’s exhilarating, turbulent, and a wee bit dangerous. Let’s go!  –Todd Colby, author of Tremble & Shine and Riot in the Charm Factory

“Crown” is the winner of the Ravenna Press 2012 Cathlamet  Prize for Poetry.

I absolutely love Joanna Penn Cooper’s poetry. She gracefully changes direction from mid-thought to mid-thought, but I’m always very clear as to what shape she is before she shifts. And I enjoy all her intelligent shapes. This sounds like a lie, but it’s true. I feel so well-treated by these poems. By the zombie in the giant suit Stop Making Sense costume. By the poet wearing the crown. “Either way, we’re all wearing the crown.”  –Jennifer L. Knox, author of Drunk by Noon and The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway